Vibra-Stop Engine Mounting Systems

Resonance and vibration in alloy trailer boats is to be expected, but it does not have to be tolerated!

VibraStop is a patented engine-mounting system made wholly in New Zealand and designed and developed to achieve a substantial reduction in vibration levels on large and small boats of any composition such as, fibreglass, or alloy fitted with an outboard motor up to 300 HP.

The full kit consists of a set of backing pads in a range of four sizes to suit varying levels of Horse Power. A set of four patented urethene bushes also come in a choice of sizes depending on your transom thickness. Alloy boats you will also require four matching aluminium tube inserts, which are welded into the transom to hold the bush in place.

The engine bolt goes through the bushes and the pad & transom, and a stainless steel cap, covers the end of the bush. The nut is screwed down onto this so that the urethene bush forms a barrier between the s/s cap and the alloy hull to prevent electrolysis. The last part of the kit is an earth lead and stud.

The Vibra-Stop Engine Mounting Systems has an excellent memory retention so willnot compress over time, avoiding a loss of clamping force between the outboard engine and the boat. It has excellent UV properties, which prevent deteroriation from sunlight, and the system does not absorb water – with no swelling of material. The extremely high friction coefficient results in an excellent bonding between the boats and the outboard engine.

It system is quick and easy to install, although we do recommend that full kits fitted to an alloy boats, should be carried out by a capable alloy welder.

In all installations whether just pads, or full kit for outboard motors of 135HP or more, a slot must be fitted with the appropriate set of VibraStop keys, where the bottom engine bolt is mounted, in order to prevent the bottom bolt bending.

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