Fixed Inflatable Boat Ladder



The IB2D Inflatable Ladder is a compact fixed ladder for your inflatable boat. It is a 2-step ladder that is designed to be fitted to the tube with 2 glue on D-pads. The ladder sits flush over the inflatable tube and features an integrated handle. It also features 4 plastic washers to prevent the stainless rubbing on the inflatable tubing. Also provided is a securing loop to stop your ladder accidentally un-folding.

Replacement parts can be supplied on request. As can optional quick release fittings.

We recommend that all glueing of pads be done by an Inflatable boat manufacturer or repairer.

Additional information




Folded Length: 490mm
Extended Length: 770mm
Width: 412mm


2x Glue on Pads
We recommend fitting by a manufacturer or repairer

Tube Requirement

Suits inflatable boats with tube sizes between 460-580mm


RIB2 or IB2D