Vibra-Stop Complete kit up to 90HP MDRNG-VSKNK Excluding keys



Suits mid range outboards up to 90 horsepower. Vibra-Stop Bush kit with pads no keys. Suits all outboards mid-range up to 90hp. Designed to drastically reduction resonance and vibration between outboard and hull especially on aluminium boats.

When installing the kit is is vital that you follow all instructions that will be supplied with the kit , in particular note that the torque settings for the engine bolts are a minimum of 28ft/lb or 38nm or a maximum of 34ft/lb or 45nm, and after installation should be checked after the first 10 hours of use then all torque settings should be checked after every 100 hours of use.

For Mercury Verado Engines 200-275hp the torque setting should be 38ft/lb or 50nm.