Fibre Optic Lighting

Acusafe LED Light Engine

 The Acusafe solid state light engine has been designed to fit inside a 50mm safety rail upright in the middle of a 6m section. Dimensions are 148mm long x 50mm Dia
 Six 3mm fibre optics at a maximum length of 3m are illuminated from the light engine with an adjustable light output of 50 – 280 Lux at termination.
The light engine has a maximum energy consumption of 7w at 12v AC or DC.
All colours are available.
 FutureFlux heat transfer system has been utilised to enable high rate heat transfer to the outside of module and in turn to the upright as the heat sink.
 The solid state light engine has its own proprietary IC that enables voltage regulation, current regulation and intelligent thermal control to ensure overheating cannot occur. The IC also interrogates the light engine continuously and will give a contact closure “default” if it needs replacing.
Should power be lost to the light engine the default contact closure will operate.
 Our testing indicates a specified life of over 53,000 hours. This does not mean the light engine will fail but the light degeneration would reach LM80 level of 80% of its original Lux. This would flag a maintenance replacement initiative. This equates to 12 hours per day times 12 Years. Or continuous use at 24 hours per day times 6 Years.
 The light engine body is manufactured from high-density aluminium that will withstand high temperatures in the case of fire, and any compression whilst in situ with the rail.
 All electronics are marine grade and are in situ with the body. The body cannot be dismantled once completed as all components are in situ with Futureflux heat transfer medium.
 The components and finished light engine meet the following standards. UL, DLC, FCC, CTick, RCM, TUV, PSC, CE, MEPS AU,
 Independent testing is currently underway – Futurebrite Certification: RCM 5553

The KAG Safety Rail is also available with encased fibre-optic LED lighting to provide added safety underground and at night. Services such as water, electrical, air/gas and data can be safely concealed inside the rail.


 Light engine is small and fits inside railing upright
 Only 7w full energy consumption – low voltage – safe.
 No fan or moving parts – reliable solid state.
 Completely waterproof and submersible.
 Protected by hardened aluminium shell and then placed inside railing.
 Proven components from leading manufacturers – reliability
 Alarm output for testing and maintenance
 Data output if required reading any component.
 Long life over 53,000 hours
 Can be used for rail and passageway lighting
 Illuminated arrows showing exit in case of fire
 Cost effective only 1 light engine per 6m.
 Can be configured with changing colours for safe or danger

Fiber optic lighting illustration
KAG Safety Rail with encased fibre-optic lighting