Water Cutting

Do you have a piece of art you have designed, or a component you need as a single or multiple, which can be water cut? To produce only the best results for our customers, we use a Gen 2 Maxiem 1530 precision abrasive water jet cutter.

The Maxiem 1530 is able to cut through virtually any material, generating a fast, efficient, perfect finish, first time. A good water jet cut should save you both time and materials, with less mistakes and less waste.

Our waterjet offers 5 different cut qualities, from a rough quick cut through to a high quality stain finish. We are also able to offer a mapping function for those clients who wish to supply a pattern to cut from.

What can be cut?

We can cut a wide range of material types, including but not limited to: stainless steel, metals, glass, plastics, wood, tile, concrete and fabric.


What Capacity?

Our Waterjet can cut a maximum size of 1500mm x 3000mm, with a depth of 200mm, depending on the material.


Contact us to discuss your water Cutting design requirements.